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Husband helps pet dog fuck wife tube Question: I have been married for two years and shared a healthy relationship with my husband. We love each other but unfortunately, he can not please me. I feel uncomfortable sharing this, but he can not last much longer. I do not want to hurt his ego by letting him know this bitter truth but I was desperate for sex because of this. What should I do? Help me
In addition to the trust and open communication between partners, sexual satisfaction and healthy sexual relationships are also important for a couple. I understand that you are unhappy about sex in your relationship and it can be a frustrating and difficult situation for you to deal with. I appreciate that you shared your concern here.
Many studies show that there is a high correlation between sexual satisfaction and happy marriage. Another reason is communication. If you do not communicate with your partner openly and express your concern, he will not know how to deal with it and in your case, he does not even know you are dissatisfied with it. Because you can not show it to him. You mentioned that both have a healthy relationship, which I think will help you communicate with your partner easily and you can try expressing your sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual desires may be different for men and women, and both of you can come to a common ground by talking to each other.

Husband helps pet dog fuck wife tube
Husband helps pet dog fuck wife tube

The ideal way to deal with your concerns is to talk to him directly and try to try new things in your sexual act to make it interesting and enjoyable for both of you. You can go to a sexual counselor for guidance. When you are frustrated, not having to deal with problems can create unhealthy relationships between you and your partner.

Date: September 5, 2018

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